Taking up the challenge of creating something unique in the world of crosswords, plucky British company Teazel has developed the world’s biggest crossword in an app. With over 1250 clues and a grid size of 103x103 the puzzle is certainly big. The clues are tailored to suit the UK, US and non-US markets, with any specific cultural differences noted. There are two modes, Quest and Classic, with a Quest being a collection of related clues. The 80+ Quests help break down the huge puzzle into manageable chunks, with some intruiging categories such Cryptic and Mystery Quests. Already a hit on Android with 100k downloads in a matter of weeks, Teazel released the Apple and Kindle Fire versions in late January 2020.


Teazel are specialists in developing mobile apps for the puzzle market and identified the opportunity for a unique app that challenges with a huge puzzle. After researching the existing apps, they approached crossword setter Tim King (Encota) of to provide the puzzle data for The Big Crossword.


  • 1284 clues in a grid of 103 x 103 cells, beautifully interlinked to give hours of solving pleasure.
  • Clues are tailored to suit the UK, US and non-US markets, with any specific cultural differences noted.
  • Quest Mode, where each clue has been carefully crafted into a corresponding Quest. There are over 80 Quests to complete.
  • Classic Mode where you play like an ordinary crossword
  • 140 cryptic clues are included, each having an explanation of how the answer is derived.
  • Hints such as 'Reveal start and end letters', 'Lose unused keyboard letters' and 'Reveal Word'.
  • Rewards for playing daily, which can be traded for Hints.
  • A personalised certificate is offered on completion, which users love!


There are currently no trailers available for The Big Crossword. Check back later for more or contact us for specific requests!


Selected Articles

  • It is great to see a huge single playable grid on a mobile, and on a tablet it is awesome. We have put in lots of work into getting the performance to be top notch, even on an old school devices like the iPhone 5.
    James Brook, Teazel's Technical Director,
  • We have had very positive reviews from the 100k+ downloads of The Big Crossword on Android devices, and the Apple and Amazon versions have just been released in January 2020.
    Richard Taylor, Teazel's Marketing Director,
  • So much fun and challenging. You can work on it for days!
    DD, Customer ,
  • This puzzle is just challenging enough. I think I've worked at this crossword every day since I've downloaded it.
    KB, Customer ,
  • Good clues, nice hint system and progress checks, very enjoyable!
    DE, Customer ,
  • Love the big crossword and the individual quests. I've been dipping into this over the last month and now have less than 100 clues left. Excellent entertainment and right level of challenge. Bring out another one please!
    HS, Customer ,
  • Challenging enough to keep me interested. Not too hard at all. Yet some words are still difficult. Absolutely love the size. The connections to other answers is a nice touch. Thx for this great app
    JB, Customer ,
Launch press release (PDF)
Launch press release

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